How to get a FREE XBox 360 Kinect Sensor

The new Kinect sensor for the XBox 360 is another step further into next gen gaming. You can now play games just with this sensor, and not having to use a controller. You can also control videos and music just by hand movements and also voice commands.

To get yours for FREE you just need to click on the image below and follow the steps!

Free Gift


Free Kinect Sensor


Free Gift

Once you have clicked on the image above and signed up, then you need to complete an offer (there are free ones) and then refer some friends to do the same. When the offers are completed, the companies advertising will pay the freebie sites and then this will pay for your gift.

There are many other gifts that you can get for free from this website! Just click on one of the products on the right hand side and you will be taken to the corresponding page.